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Run Temporal Workers in the Cloud.

Patrick Rachford
1 min readOct 25, 2023

The following guide configures and deploys your Temporal Workers on Render (

For a complete set of documentation, see

For documentation on background workers, see

Configure background workers

Background Workers are suitable for long-running processes like consumers for queues and streaming.

  1. Go to and select New workers.
  2. Choose one of the following and add your repository:
  • Build and deploy from a Git repository
  • Deploy an existing image from a registry

3. On the Create Background Worker page, enter the following information:

  • Name: the name of your background worker.
  • Region: the region where your background worker runs.
  • Branch: the repository branched used for your background worker. (main)
  • Runtime: The runtime for your background worker.
    Python 3
  • Build Command: the command that runs in the root directory.
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Start Command: the command that runs your worker.

4. Select your instance type.

Continue to add your secrets.

Set up secrets

  1. Select Advanced ^ and choose either:
  • Add Environment Variable
    Enter a key and a value.
  • Add Secret File
    Give your filename a name.
    Enter the file contents.

2. Choose Save.

Continue to deploy your Worker.

Deploy worker

  1. Choose Create background Worker when you’re ready.

Review your logs.

Review deployment

  1. From the logging dashboard, watch your worker deploy.
  2. You should see something similar to the following:



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