4 Technical Writing Communities You Can Join Now

I wanted to put together 4 writing communities that I have found helpful to learning and cultivating knowledge related to technical writing.

Write The Docs

I am putting WTD at the top of this list because they deserve the most attention. WTD is a great community with multiple channels. They help organize events, have book clubs, and even help people learn from all levels.The best part is that members post jobs openings. I like this approach as it gives people in the community the ability to find the writer for the job.


Reddit’s community of technical writers is aimed at people looking to get into technical writing. People on the forums spend most of their time answering questions about salary and which college courses to take.

/r/technicalwriting does have a great sidebar for open source projects, but I would say that is too advanced for most users.


I like the idea of Free Code Camps. It is one of the largest resources of learning material that I have found. There is a really good series for writers to learn how to use git that I would recommend.


Hacker News is a forum related to all software and technologies. Hacker News links to articles and then has a comment section that will talk about the articles. I like the community as there are people who sound like they know what they are talking about, but the next comment will tell you why they’re wrong.

Let me know which communities you are a part of and which ones you like the best!



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Patrick Rachford

Patrick Rachford

Technical writer for AWS. I enjoy documenting my thoughts and sharing ideas with others.